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Mind-blowing Marshmallows

This week, we welcome Robin McNicholas, one of the founders of the remarkable Marshmallow Laser Feast (MLF), as Run Riot Guest Editor. MLF are an uncategorisable kind of design studio. Sometimes technologists, sometimes artists, but always innovative. They're an experiential studio, creating some of the most impressive – and often, downright mind-blowing – immersive works around, using cutting edge technology to grapple with the big questions. Like, what's happening when we taste something? Can we have a shared experience with a Sequoia tree? Do dolphins dream in sonar?

They're working right at the meeting point of music, art and technology – so it's fitting that they've chosen a couple of events from this year's Convergence festival. There's Day Two of Convergence Sessions, where they'll be speaking and introducing people to their work, alongside other virtual world specialists Punchdrunk, Circa 69 and onedotzero. They've also picked one of the Convergence gigs, a veritable cornucopia of forward-thinking US sound-makers with Daniel Lanois, Nosaj Thing, Tyondai Braxton and Dawn of Midi. And, always committed to immersive experiences, they recommend you check out Philippe Parreno's vivid and otherworldly installation currently taking place at the Tate Turbine Hall. Or, if you'd prefer to stay rooted in the real world, marvel at the elegance of Japanese architecture at The Japanese House at the Barbican.

We're looking forward to a Spring full of arts over in our magazine section, with the National Gallery announcing Gallery B, its first new display space in 26 years, plus the first announcements have been made for the 2017 edition of the Wandsworth Arts Fringe. In a more combative mood? Then check out the 'What's Left When You're Right?', Radiolab's look at the human condition through the prism of face-offs, fights and arguments.

There's loads up for grabs in our competitions section if you fancy a roll of the dice – there's the chance to win tickets to hear foreign policy expert Anne-Marie Slaughter's put forward her vision of achieving change in the current uncertain era. We've also got tickets to the Soul Clap Launch at Fabric, or if you prefer your fabric painstakingly designed and draped over the shoulders of a middle, you can win tickets to a screening of The Colour of Pomegranates as part of the Fashion in Film Festival. Plus, there's your opportunity to get free tickets to see some of the most beautiful Italian paintings ever made at Michelangelo and Sebastiano at the National Gallery.

Be innovative. Be curious. Be weird. RR xx