Glyn Fussell, co-founder, Sink The Pink Edits our What’s On Guide. The #CatchAKrampus Edition! @GlynFussell
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Haut auteur

2018 marks 15-years of the London Short Film Festival, the auteur-led project co-founded by Artistic Director Philip Ilson, who we're proud to have as our Guest Editor this week.

In Philip's interview he picks out festival highlights and gives us the essential industry insider scoop on what's what, wot wot! Expect films from Chris 'I Love Dick' Kraus; iconic French film maker Lucile Hadžihalilović; plus plenty of clever strands from Brexit to Lo-Budget Mayhem and a whole load more. Tune-in here.

In our Magazine section artist Sam Laurence writes about his debut art installation (7 Dec) that investigates his interest in sight. Theatre maker Timothy Trimingham Lee tells us about his production at the Camden People's Theatre, asking - what if one day you Googled yourself and found someone else?

For more culture gems and competitions (Music Video Sessions; Torture Garden; Lucha Britannia) - browse our Offers page. As for the best of the rest - rummage through our genre-bending pages where you'll find plenty of haut happenings.

Here's to wishing you a cinematic week dear Players. The world's a stage - and you're the star, baby! RR xx