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Dear Player, here we are with our haut insider culture picks. But there's more. We have three excellent articles to devour about London's latest radical festival, filthy art, and steampunk inspired immersive theatre.

Legendary performance artist and curator Lois Weaver talks to Ru Dannreuther about Peopling the Palaces, East London's next free festival of radical performance, activism and workshops! Norwegian artist Annike Flo talks to writer Aleksandra Wojt about Pure Filth at The Smallest Gallery In Soho. Lastly, writer Emily Swallow reviews London's steampunk inspired, tech infused immersive theatre show Phantom Peak.

Our Guest Editor this week is Benjamin Sebastian, co-founder of South London's artist-led gallery and studio VSSL Studio.

Benjamin is also a trans-disciplinary artist-curator who is launching FACET, an 8-month programme of visual art dedicated to the exploration and celebration of contemporary queer art and culture.

The FACET launch party is on Friday 2 June - we're all invited! The exhibition runs until Jan 2024 and includes works by Benjamin, plus Alicia Radage, June Lam, Rocío Boliver, and Marcin Gawin. Expect a sensual and vibrant mix of collage, video, photography, sculpture and new media. 

In Benjamin's Run Riot Interview with Anna Goodman they chat about the artists involved in FACET, the superpower of neurodiverse artists, London's art scene, and of course - the next 5-years. Things Can Only Get Better.

Well, dear Player, engage how you can, and enjoy yourself! We'll write again soon. Bottoms up! RR x

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