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'Creativity is key for change, and creativity is not only in art but it is also present in politics, economy, education - and so on. So if an art piece can help boost the creativity of people from other sectors for things to change in a good way then that would be wonderful.'

The quote above comes from the artist Lise Bouissière. We're honoured to have Lise as our Guest Editor this week to coincide with the opening of her latest installation Roller Coaster at The Smallest Gallery in Soho, 62 Dean Street.

Read Lise's Run-Riot Interview where she talks more about her work, the importance of sustainability, and the delicious allure of Soho.

Talking of Soho, we highly recommend tuning into #RebelRadio which is broadcasting live from Soho Radio in support of Extinction Rebellion. You can expect a breakfast and an evening show, with the talented Kate Hutchinson presenting the 6-9pm slot. Expect updates from the XR crew as well as insights from Music Declares Emergency and Culture Declares Emergency - a strong mix of grass roots creative talent alongside industry heavyweights. It's a given: if you can support XR, please do. Find out more #EverybodyNow

In our Magazine section artistic director of Fierce Festival (one of the UK's most daring contemporary arts festivals) Aaron Wright writes about what it takes to be fierce at the end of the world.

We're also honoured that Rachel Porter from the all-wimmin performing-arts troupe Figs In Wigs (well known for 'treading the fine line between beige and gold') writes for Run-Riot about the sheer thrill of Little Wimmin (an adaption of Louisa May Alcott’s novel Little Women) opening at The Pleasance Theatre next month.

For more weird culture gems and obscure competitions and offers - browse our Offers page. As for the best of the rest - rummage through our genre-bending pages where you'll find plenty of haut happenings.

Here's to wishing you a rebellious week dear Players! Bottoms up! RR xx