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Our Guest Editor this week is performer Rachel Mars who is literally demolishing one of London's most cherished theatres - the Ovalhouse.

That's right, Ovalhouse is being demolished in preparation for the theatre’s relocation to Brixton in 2021.

In response, the savvy venue have produced a bunch of smashing projects forming the Demolition Season. It's a marvellously fun idea - a once-in-a-lifetime chance to allow artists full disclosure over a space; to punch holes in walls and play their part in helping bring the house down.

In Rachel's Run-Riot interview with writer Adam Bloodworth she tells us about the collaborative project with fellow performer Greg Wohead, aptly titled Gaping Hole (Story #3).

In our Magazine section, we list three great jobs at the Live Art Development Agency: Finance & Management, Communications & PR, Digital Resources & Projects! Meanwhile, our satirical friends Led By Donkeys are fundraising for another creative nationwide advertising campaign - expect a glorious fusion of wit, truth, politics.

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Here's to wishing you an explosive week dear Players! Bottoms up! RR xx