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'no-one wants to join a boring revolution, right?' Says our Guest Editor, Aussie performance artist Leah Shelton.

From 5 - 14 December Leah will premiere her latest show Bitch On Heat at the Soho Theatre, directed by the legendary Ursula Martinez.

The two met while working on Best Entertainment Olivier-award winning cabaret show La Clique, whom Leah describes as “performance art royalty.”

In Leah's Run-Riot interview with writer Adam Bloodsworth she explains how Bitch On Heat is a “fucked-up journey through the rulebooks of how the sexes “should” live and love and fight and fuck”. It's raw, haut, and a refreshingly dangerous tonic. Read the interview here.

In our magazine section the iconic soppy festive flick Love Actually is utterly subverted in Sh!t Actually, a new dark comedy coming to Camden People's Theatre. Becca Biscuit and Louise Mothersole of Sh!t Theatre fame put on their fave Christmas jumper to talk us through the production packed with their trademark caustic wit.

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