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The Art of Humanity

'a conversation focused on commonalities instead of differences may be our salvation' says San-Francisco based artist Strider Patton when talking about his exclusive installation '(K)now' at The Smallest Gallery In Soho.

Strider continues, 'Central to a lot of my work over the last few years has been concepts of connection and division, of history and future. Observing recent events taking place around the world I knew that I wanted to create an installation that brings these concepts together, and in a different way than I had ever before.'

Working with Andreia Costa and Philip Levine, Co-Curators of The Smallest Gallery in Soho, Striders latest work intends to push the boundaries of the space and bridge the divide between the indoor space and the outdoor street.

Read the full interview here, and when next passing 62 Dean Street - take a look for yourself at (K)now.

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Here's to wishing you a connected week dear Players! Bottoms up! RR xx