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VII years of Klub Verboten x LONDON

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Time 23:00
Date 15/09/23
Price £35.5
  • Price £35.50
  • Get ready to crack that whip
  • Bring along your most adventurous play partners
  • Surf to Buy tickets
  • See you at E1 London

From the darkroom of their perverted hearts - Klub Verboten thanks you for seven years of united pleasure, pain and survival.

Empty your memory banks. September will dial up the Doxy to 11. .

Expect a complete reboot of our home hub E1. Furnitures you have not spanked in yet. Human flow you have not explored yet. 4K sights you have not seen yet. NAKED live.


Klub Verboten launched in 2016 and is a provider of contemporary pro-pervert spaces. A community bound by modern human interaction. A grassroots movement matured into tens of thousands of caring Kinksters. Dedicated to the spatial, sonic and visual understanding of future BDSM / fetish practises and culture, we set the gold standard in safeguarding. Stagnant-prescribed erotic orthodoxies are no longer. Ditch your sex-corp. dating app. Leave the nuclear warfare GHB at home. Play is okay.

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