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Vault Festival / Brainchild: Let me be your Plantasy at The Vaults

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Time 22:30
Date 21/03/20
Price £14

Plant-life is re-claiming and re-wilding Planet Earth and the award-winning Brainchild are taking you to subterranean levels to make your wildest plantasies come true.

Houseplants are freeing themselves from our pots, miniature cacti are smashing through Urban Outfitters windows, and trees are regally re-seating themselves as the worlds’ masters. Human time is suspended and economic myths collapse at the roots of exponential plant-growth.

We, the remaining earth-dwellers, must do the same: break free and re-wild ourselves for an epic celebration of plant-life with immersive artworks, music, comedy and dancing.

This is an immersive all-night party, brought to life by two brilliant illustrators & artists Molly Smith (installation) and Alice Bloomfield (video). Stay tuned for announcements, and rest assured that this is will be the party of your wildest plantasies.