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Torture Garden: Halloween 1 - Dolls at Electrowerkz

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Time 22:00
Date 31/10/19
Price £39.33

It's dark. It's sensual. It's indulgent. It's dazzling. It's Halloween and TG have a treat for you!

TG returns with an evening of titillating fun. Think dark, sexy and dazzling performances, erotic installations, body art, medical equipment, dancefloors and of course, the infamous couples playrooms.

Monster Lune – spooky doll installation
Betty Machete – All on rubber, this is one sick, sick Dolly…
Francois Odil – Doll themed shibari installation
More TBC

Club Arena: Allen TG, Dahc Demur, Zach Burns, Rockit Riyad
Playing: Electro House, Techno, Trap Electro, Drum n Bass

Ballroom: The Secretary, Simon Hearne, Lydia Darling, Jon Coco
Playing: Burlesque, Electro Swing, Party Mash Ups, Rock, Goth, RnB, Electro Goth, Booty Rap

Valley of the Blow Up Dolls Staircase installation

Dungeon Courtyard (ground floor)
SM play Installations

SM Playroom (ground floor)
SM & Medical Play Equipment provided by Benchmarxxx
Music: Atmospheric, Ritual, Erotica, Electronica, Boudoir, Ambient Soundscapes

Couples Playroom (ground floor)
Erotic Soundscapes

Enforced Fantasy Dress Code (Full Costumes Only / No Half Measures / TG is an Extreme Event for Extreme People!)

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