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Torture Garden: The Boat Party at The Dutch Master

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Time 21:30
Date 02/08/19
Price £42.64

With the HMS President having sailed its final voyage, Torture Garden bring you their new debauched high seas (well, high tide) adventure…

With boarding promptly at 8.30pm  – the TG Ship waits for no one! The Dutch Master will depart from Tower Hill and embark upon a 4 hour voyage along the Thames, taking in London in all her spectacular night time glory! So come and join their new (but limited capacity) 3 level maritime journey, featuring TG DJs, dungeon and outdoor deck area. The Ship will return to Tower Hill at 1am.

Usual TG full fetish dresscode applies, but for added inspiration, why not embrace the theme of the party (while avoiding fancy dress!)  and take your outfit down a nautical path. Think: brash buccaneers, sirens, mer-people, pirates of the high seas, krakens, Cthulhu.

Regular full fetish looks are of course always welcome: fetish, latex, leather, body art, SM, burlesque, Berlin kabaret, drag, medical, militaria, Venice carnival, circus carnival.

Definite No’s include: denim (any colour), cotton t-shirts/ underwear, regular fabric black trousers, shiny lycra/wetlook leggings, camo, regular party dresses, suits (even with a hat). If you are unsure that your outfit will pass muster, you are welcome to email yasmin@torturegarden.com to check this in advance of the night!