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Run Riot Live: 'The Fool' at 42-44 Bermondsey Street (Shunt)

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Time 19:30
Date 02/04/11
Price £10

8pm-3am. A night of raucous folly! Performance, live music, art and DJs feat Lazarus and The Plane Crash, Bryony Kimmings, Marawa, Fabulous Russella, Zoe Catherine Kendall, AJ Holmes & more!

Lazarus and The Plane Crash (Live Band)
Marawa the Amazing (Hula Hoop Performance)
Bryonny Kimmings (Sound Installation)
Fabulous Russella (Tarot Readings)
Zoe Catherine Kendall (Live Art)
AJ Holmes (DJ)

Laetitia Descouens (DJ)
Silencio (DJ)
& More to be announced

Pulling on the absurdity of April Fool and the care free mysticism of The Tarot - The Fool is a night of mischief and delights, of entertainers, follies, and gloriously lurid coloured tights! Featuring Live Music from the band Lazarus and The Plane Crash playing what can only described as a mix of sweaty garage rock, gypsy jazz, sexual over-excitement, Violence and Torch Song Piano belters! Belle du jour and artistic truth seeker, Bryonny Kimmings presents The Hall of Gratuitous Praise - an installation for feel good toilet based moments of joy and self-worth. Plus the legendary Marawa the Amazing (La Soiree) performing her astounding Hula Hoop act like you've never seen before! 'Pick a card, any card' will be whispered warmly into your ear by Fabulous Russella the Tarot Card reader for intimate readings for the mystically bent among you. Zoe Catherine Kendall will be performing a specially created Live Art treat - we know it'll be alluring and enticing! Plus taking us into bouncy hours with jiggy tropical disco is DJ AJ Holmes (Secousse). Off course DJ Silencio (Run Riot / No Shame) will be playing a very frothy anything-goes set. More to be announced...

What the Tarot says...The Fool is the spirit in search of experience. It represents the mystical cleverness bereft of reason within us, the childlike ability to tune into the inner workings of the world. The sun shining behind  represents the divine nature of the Fool's wisdom and exuberance, holy madness or 'crazy wisdom'. On the back are all the possessions one might need. In the hand there is a flower, showing ones appreciation of beauty. The Fool is frequently accompanied by a dog, sometimes seen as ones animal desires, sometimes as the call of the "real world", nipping at the heels and distracting one. The Fool is both the beginning and the end, neither and otherwise, betwixt and between, liminal.



Lazarus and The Plane Crash
Lazarus and the Plane Crash is a collision between Joe Coles of The Guillotines, a singer renown for wild live performance ("somewhere between Iggy Pop and Captain Beefheart, but stranger and more beguiling than either") and The Clerkenwell Kid (the man behind The Real Tuesday Weld, a band whose admirers include Anna Paquin and Johnny Depp). Influenced by George Romero, Screamin’ Jay Hawkins, Beefheart, Brighton Rock, Cab Calloway, The Cramps, Jurassic Five and Scott Walker. Really. Their songs mix sweaty garage rock, gypsy jazz, sexual over-excitement, Violence and Torch Song Piano under Joe's spontaneous versifying. The live band features Ping Lee, the only guitarist in the world equally adept at filthy jazz and sword-fighting. Sultry Argentinean beauty Pato Vidal learned the Rock n Roll way the crazy way - playing bass for punk aristo Courtney Love. DP Brown, percussion legend, when not playing drums is a not just a professional gambler- he is also a mathematical genius with an IQ of 175 Daniel "The great Zampano", on accordion (with a little drop of poison). He plays with them when he's not busy playing with La Cicciolina.

Lazarus and The Plane Crash on Facebook



Marawa The Amazing (Performer)
You'll know Marawa from her conquering the world with hoops! Sassy, hot to trot and as skilled as they come, Marawa is both sleek cabaret artist and cheeky clown. A virtuoso of the Hula Hoop and a demon on skates, she has dazzled on stages across the world, her unique brand of coquettish comedy charming and amazing audiences in equal measure. And now - she takes to the skies with her aerial work! Part Josephine Baker and part Betty Boop, Run Riot is delighted to welcome this exquisite package of carnival energy to our very own No Shame party!



Bryonny Kimmings (Installation Artist)
Bryony presents The Hall of Gratuitous Praise - an installation for feel good toilet based moments of joy and self-worth. Bryony is an artist. She makes performance, dance, music, spoken word and video. Her work is haphazard, loud, dangerous, unpredictable, and above all mega-fun! Tonight, ladies and gentelene, boys and girls, she presents her sound installation The Hall of Gratuitous Praise!
Read the Run Riot Interview with Bryony here. See her perform Sex Idiot at the Soho Theatre (6-9 & 13-16 April).



AJ Holmes

AJ Holmes (DJ)
A.J. Holmes is the artist formerly know as Vanishing Breed also as a fonding member of They Came From The Stars I Saw Them. The New Electric Hi-Life is Holmes’s unique blend of West African Hi-life music and Electronic Pop. The phase 'Hi-Life' is from ‘Highlife’ a musical genre that originated in Sierra Leone, Ghana and Nigeria starting in the 1920's and is a hybrid of African and European music styles.


A.J. HOLMES FRAUDIAN MIXTAPE by A.J. & The Hackney Empire


Zoe Catherine Kendall (Live Art)
Zoe, or ZCK as she is known to her friends, is a trained art jeweller, and spends her time living and working as an artist 'in general' (www.self-series.blogspot.com) and is, put simply, a human. London born, CSM trained (whatever that means), she loves purchasing random vinyls for her home-made record player, dancing around her front room, fantasizing about utterly inapriopriate secrets and eating pick 'n' mix amongst other sweet and savoury delights. Equally as afraid of the mundane as she is excited by everyday tasks, this one is known for her obsession with the self, the mind, art as a living process/living as an art process, and the therapeutic qualities of creation. In her current work, Zoe describes herself as greedy for the visual world, busy looking, feeling and responding, busy making sense out of the surrounding madness. She uses word, image, moving image, performance and object interplay to describe a process of living, with memories providing the filter through which the world is seen.

Silencio (DJ)

Filthy but nice.