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Rumpus Gold at Islington Metal Works

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Time 22:00
Date 07/06/19
Price £22

Search out your spangles, and get on your gilded glad-rags, Rumpus is partying like they’ve never partied before.

It's their 9th anniversary and 50th, yes! Fiftieth Rumpus party, folks! With 7 rooms of wonder, bands, DJs performers and artists, Rumpus are welcoming back old favourites and delighting the senses with new friends for this celebratory shindig. Expect more music, more magic, more mayhem and more mystery than ever seen at a Rumpus before!

Main Room

Mariachi El Pinche GrinGo
These lads might not be Mexican, but they’re definitely for realz. Nothing - absolutely NOTHING they've ever seen on a stage has made them quite so happy as these musical mentalists!

Big Red Ass 
Come and shake your backside to the bombastic horn fuelled ska reggae rock dance explosion that is BRA!

DJ Kobayashi 
Some call him the brains behind Gypsy Hill, others call him the beauty.

Charlie Chuckles 
Serving up a saucy smorgasbord of ghetto funk, hip-hop and party breaks – music to lose your well-dressed shit to.

Room 2

Wonderland Takeover 
These radiant Rumpus regulars are taking up the baton for DJ shenanigans. The party is marvellously, magically, mad…and all for a good cause!

Over the past years these folx have raised over £30,000 for the Wonder Years Centre of Excellence, a charity operating in The Gambia.

Full line-up coming soon! Check out rumpus party for more details rumpusparty.co.uk

Room 3 - Beats and Bass Ballroom

Neo Pink
Prepare for the multibass, all up in your face!

Rockit Riyad
With more power and stamina than the most hardcore Duracell Bunny, Rocki Riyad lifts the energy of any dancefloor with his animated performances and lively Drum N’ Bass and Hard Electro.

The Scribes
Block rocking, head nodding, floor filling party hip hop heroes

Winner of the “band most likely to withstand high winds” award – heat your feet with high energy samba beats

Room 4 - Balkan Roast Room

Los Gusanos
‘Like watching a Hendrix gig at a Latin dive-bar’ Cruise on their energy and wonder at the raw talent!

Join the Din
Explosive, eccentric, intense and eclectic – the epitome of the East London live scene

The Rin Tins
Are you ready for folk-fuelled-jazz-jive-boogie? You’d better be!

Mr Sandman
Enter a dance-floor dreamland as Mr Sandman sprinkles magical tunes into your ears.

Room 5 - The Courtyard
Rumpus’ special inside outside space!

Pomba Girls ready at the transformation stations – glitter, body-paint and braids at the ready

Urban Unicorns with wondrous, Rumpus-themed accessories; Second Coming with the vintage, glitter kit and caboodle to make a splash for the evening or the whole of festival season

And presiding over the eclectic soundscape is the one and only DJ The Alchemist with his cunning crew of deviously delightful DJs.

Room 6 - Wonderland Cafe
Tea, cake, coffee and serenity. Pause the whirlwind of the dance-floor for musical moments of patience and perfect peace with these wondrous charitable Creatures

Rooms 7 - Cinerave

VJ Harper
Vibrant visuals to feast your eyes while the beats move your feet to feats of great dancing!


Dress Code:
Glittering gladiators, Golden gods and goddesses, Halcyon Hippies, Opulent Oligarchs, Quinquagenarian Queens, Marvellous Midas’s, Carat-coated Carousers, Ringed Revellers, Bejewelled Beauties, Bullion Bandits, Doubloon Dappled Debonairs, Sequinned Superstars, Dazzling Divas, Diamond Droogs.

COMPETITION: Win 1x pair of tickets to attend Rumpus Gold at Islington Metal Works at 22:00 on Friday 7 June. To enter the competition, send an email to vienna@run-riot.com with the correct answer in the ‘subject’ line. The winner will be randomly selected.

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What is the atomic number of Gold?
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