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Puppy: Episode 1 - Rave Culture at The Yard

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Time 22:00
Date 08/06/19
Price £7

Puppy is a brand-spanking new club night, simply overflowing with techno, visuals, art and performance, all exploring the theme of Rave and Club Culture in all its many forms.

Rave and the self-governing spaces it creates has long been a way to breakdown borders in communities. With the current global shift to right-wing movements, borders, walls etc its time to take a serious look at rave ethos and inclusivity. This regular club night will champion experimental art on the outskirts of traditional music, performance and visual art.

Line Up:

DJs: Tengui b2b Luke Hansfree, Silent Bomber, Francis Redman, Bosque and Lucky Babe

Performances: Lara Buffard and Gur.A.P, Haus of Anxiety, Pierre and Baby, Tomthom, Jessica Walker, Sasha Kills and Maria Kalaridi

Visuals: THE L0A and Silent Bomber

Artwork: Matthew Smith, Molly Macindoe, Jono Boyle, Remi Andrews, Laura Calado, Julia Hovve, Kit Skellington, Jude Kendall, Mattia Stompo, Suke Driver, Charlotte, Nordgren-Sewell, Christy Leung, Jake Walker and Lepke B