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MNDSGN, Lapalux, Kiefer + Kai Whitson at EartH

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Time 21:00
Date 22/09/18
Price £19.25

Talented LA beatmaker MNDSGN returns to London for a showcase of spectacular rhythms alongside Lapalux's experimental, off-kilter beats, plus support from Kiefer and Kai Whitson.

Ringo Ancheta AKA Mndsgn is an anomaly among hip-hop producers – not raised in the suburbs on a steady diet of video games and hip-hop, but in the forest like a beast. His parents were granted political asylum in the U.S. and settled in rural New Jersey, where Ancheta was raised on the outskirts of a commune without electricity. Inspired by a Nas lyric and with a nod to his father’s work in neuroscience he began beat-making as Mndsgn and moved to Los Angeles.

Joining MNDSGN will be Brainfeeder artist Stuart Howard AKA Lapalux who has made a name for himself by combining dark, twisted and sometimes wonky R&B beats with his natural talent for creating deep textural masterpieces.

“...laser-like concentration on groove and gorgeous textural flutterings” - The Wire on MNDSGN

“The Barry White of electronica.” – Errol Anderson, The Independent on Lapalux