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Mints vol. 016: Equaliser at Dalston Superstore

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Time 21:00
Date 07/06/19
Price £7

Mints is your pure nonsense, homosexual, calypso disco, jungle space odyssey freak out at the big gay mothership Dalston Superstore!

Please bring your affectedly dainty, heavy femme dance movements down to the lazercave for a smorgasbord of musical delights all night long, or jump up top for the most sexiest discotheque ever.

Tonight, and all the way from sunny Leeds, Mint welcome the glorious Equaliser taking over the basement and all your regular riff raff, running around like maniacs ensuring you have the most glorious time.

Tam Tam & Plugkeisha

Jeanie Crystal

Chaka Khan't
Super Drama