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A Love From Outer Space at Bloc

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Time 23:00
Date 03/08/18
Price £11.3
  • Produced by Bloc
  • Price £11.30
  • Bring along your extraterrestrial love.
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It's an all-nighter, folks! The dream team - DJs Andrew Weatherall and Sean Johnston (Hardway Bros) present an oasis of slow in a world of increasing velocity. Not to be missed!

Andrew Weatherall
Andrew Weatherall has carved out a well-respected career in British techno. As a producer moving from the sounds of Madchester to downbeat to experimental techno through the '90s, Weatherall could've easily ridden the big beat (Chemical Brothers) or hi..

He participated in two big-name collaborations which would appear on Warp Records, beginning early on in the label's now highly respected run and remains one of the world's most dedicated and top DJs.

Sean Johnston
From mountain scaler to highly respected purveyor of the finest music money can’t buy, professional beat-raconteur and upstanding member of the disco dance music community, Mr Sean Johnston creates ethereal sonic landscapes both in his productions and behind the decks of any dancefloor.

DJ'ing since his formative years in the frozen Northern reaches of Yorkshire, Johnston has been many things; Acid-House Veteran, Techno Survivor, Alpinist, Hardway Bros and Freelance Disco Consultant. It was in a recent orbit on a drive down to Brighton one night that Johnston & Weatherall discovered they shared a love of the slowed-down rhythms of new beat, disco, kosmische, and weird, slow psychedelic music. From this journey, grew the beginnings of A Love From Outer Space (ALFOS) club night.