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Loss - An evening of exquisite misery at the Arts Theatre

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Time 10:00
Date 07/12/07

10pm–3am. It is with great regret that you’re invited to this ‘special’ Christmas edition of a C20th celebration of Prozac. Expect live bourbon soaked gypsy blues bop'n'stroll, Broken Heart DJs and te

So, to it! You’re invited to join in this glorious search for the ecstasy that lies beyond despair with what passes for entertainment in this dark sad world provided by Nigel Burch who might turn peepee into wine! Plug your ears from the live sounds of The Urban Voodoo Machine – purveyors of the finest bourbon soaked gypsy blues, bop'n'stroll. Wine at Barralopes who just might be Londons’ saddest fado band. And then weep bitterly to the tunes concocted by The Alan Weeks Quartet with the very finest, and saddest jazz. Sigh. It does go on somewhat, all this. Yes, the pain continues with The Autocrat of The Breakfast Table. What? Then it’s time for The Tear Ducts & Viktor Wynd’s Lost Orphan Children Looking For New Parents…

And so on…

Onion Chopping & Tears At Midnight to The Tunes of
Ava-Rebekah Rahman – Violinist
Palash Dave & Cryeoke (Live!)
The Fruits of Ridley Road Market and Their Chocolate Fountain
The Table of Sorrows
Lilly Farling and Her Finger Striptease
Suzette Field’s Famous Cheeseboard of Moldy Stilton and Crusty Camembert
Polly Betton’s Midnight Feast of Yesterdays Cakes
Sigmund The Gatekeeper
The Sad Poets Society presented by
“The Liberalu201D;
Whilst The Immortal Cibelle,
Russell Taylor the Oscar Shortlisted Composer of Chinas Missing Children,
Penny Metal of Soviet Reunion
& the always very beautiful,
The Broken Hearts
Play a selection of Their Saddest Tunes From The Last 300 Years


COMPETITION: 1x Pair of tickets to attend 'Loss - An evening of exquisite misery' at the Arts Theatre at 10pm on Fri, 7th Dec.

To claim your tickets, send an email with the correct answer in the ‘subject’ box. The winner will be randomly selected.

Q: Prozac? What IS the point when there's cool stuff like cocaine, smack and crack around? Or even just kissing and biting the neck of a blonde - such fun! But if you will insist... back to boring Prozac... boring! Boring! Boring! Ah - side effects? Warming to it a little now. Punish me darling. So - of the following side effects of Prozac which is utter nonsense? Name the FAKE!

A: 1) reduces sexual desire and interferes with orgasm .2) insomnia .3) tension headaches (how many types of headache are there - for God's sake!) .4) makes you really suicidal - what a daft drug! What IS the point?