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Klub Verboten: Reka, Polanski & Tsuniman at E1

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Time 21:30
Date 13/05/22
Price £20.5

A night of spatial, sonic and visual exploration of BDSM & fetish practises.

What they folk at Klub Verboten are talking about:

"We felt modern kink should not materialise like the package description of a ‘flesh-coloured’ dildo from an online retail monster. We are about the complexities of modern physical Interactions; a crowd filling the whole spectrum of human experience. Verboten explores how we engage with each other driven by our sexualities  at a range of timbres, fluidities and endurances, with ethoses and processes that amplify the tangible & intangible qualities of united ejaculations. Stagnant prescribed erotic orthodoxies are no longer as our parties celebrate experimentation & expression, in the believes that new forms of connection & resistance will emerge".

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