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Hyperdub: Ø at Corsica Studios

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Time 22:30
Date 11/07/19
Price £9

Ø is one of the most forward-thinking nights in London. Fusing Hyperdub’s unique sound palate with installations, screenings and performances, the night offers interested fans more than just music.

Hyperdub's Ø parties are unmissable, and this one's no exception.


Bala Bala Boyz

The Zøne

Bala Bala Boyz
Bala Bala Boyz are a collective of 4 British Mcs of Congolese Descent Hailing from Different sides of London North South East and west in 2015 they chose to come together as one and start rapping in their own style Linglish. Linglish is simply Lingala from Congo mixed with English. Speaking in this Homegrown Dialect made the rapping easy for the Boyz and they decided to start rapping in Linglish full time as they decided it sounds better and the movement was stronger with all playing their role.

(Extended Reality Installation)
TSDOMS (The Secret Duties of Master and Servant) is an immersive installation exploring power dynamics between human and virtual worlds. Presented as a hybrid virtual reality experience, the work transports you into a simulated world where you are confronted with a crowd of clones. Physical interactions, movement patterns and musical responses are performed, like an uncanny ritualistic exercise.

TSDOMS reflects on the role of power and dominance in stereotyping human behaviour, and how this system influences the construction of artificial intelligence and virtual environments. The project is a continuation of CLON’s exploration of hybrid realities and simulated worlds through speculative narratives.