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Fleetmac Wood: Sisters of the Moon Disco at Oval Space

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Time 22:00
Date 07/04/18
Price £15
  • Price £15
  • Get ready to be wrapped up in Fleetmac Wood velvet.
  • Bring along your black robe.
  • Surf to book online.
  • See you at Oval Space

Calling all Sisters and Brothers of the Moon for a night of celestial musings, trailing robes and mystery on the dance floor.

Come join Fleetmac Wood for a night of exclusive edits and remixes of Fleetwood Mac and solo projects (no cover versions).

A warning: If you do not like Fleetwood Mac, it is not advised to take this journey to the rainbow’s end. Stand back. Stand back.

Fleetmac Wood is a DJ collective and party dedicated to re-edits and originals of Fleetwood Mac. They've hosted parties in London, LA, New York, Glastonbury, The Secret Garden Party, Burning Man, Palm Springs, Vancouver, Portland, Seattle, Chicago, Bogota and San Francisco.