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Earthly Measures #14: Multi Culti / Dreems / Von Party at Five Miles

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Time 22:00
Date 15/03/19
Price £8

Venture into space with Earthly Measures and the global purveyors of the psychedelic sound, Multi Culti, alongside label founders Dreems and Von Party for a night of delectable music.

Capturing trips to the outer realms splashed with a care-free, party attitude, Multi Culti know how to soundtrack a night for self exploration and expression. Drawing from global influences, with releases from artists such as Sascha Funke, Nicola Cruz & Peter Power, the label have continued to show their desire to explore the more mystical side of electronica.

Based in Montreal, Canada, it is very much their pleasure (and dreem come true) to have both label founders, Von party & Dreems in the UK for a special label showcase in London for the first time. With an amalgamation of scrummy music, delightful aesthetics, and the people to match, rest assured you'll be in for a night of mind multiplication.

Oh, and, to make the evening just that little bit better, 50p of each purchased ticket alongside 50% of all profits will be going directly to Tree Aid. So this means: for every 2 tickets sold Tree Aid will plant a tree! Howzabout that!