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A Curious Invitation: Lost Hearts - the Valentine's Masked Ball at The Century Club

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Time 21:00
Date 09/02/19
Price £20
  • Produced by A Curious Invitation
  • Price £20 - £25
  • Get ready your lonely heart.
  • Bring along fig leafs, doublet and hose, kimonos, togas, medieval robes, ballgowns, Regency, frock coat, tuxedo, or anything you like really.
  • Surf to book tickets.
  • See you at Century Club

Lost, stolen, strayed or betrayed - just some of the fates the human heart is heir to. The Lost Hearts Valentine’s Ball is here to remedy the pain with a night of extravagance.

From Suzette Field: "Lost, stolen, strayed or betrayed - just some of the fates the human heart is heir to. To celebrate the festival of the martyrdom of St Valentine we remember doomed romances over the ages, leading invariably to desertion, derangement, despair and death.

Spread over four floors at Soho’s Century Club, a cavalcade of London's most eerie, exotic and eccentric performers await to delight you as we explore the iniquity, idolatry and profanity of love."

Capulet's Ballroom
Enter the opulence of the Great Chamber of the Capulets in Verona, where the masked guests assemble to dance and make merry, and Romeo and Juliet's first meeting unleashes their star-crossed fatal passion.

In the minstrels' gallery will be:
Troylus Searll - stately dances form the resident waltzmeister.
Happy Beigel Klezmer Orkestra will take up the cymbalom, beckoning you on a whistlestop tour of romantic repertoire from Eastern Europe.
Mariachi El Pinche Gringo - these rhinestoned troubadours from afar will revive a fanfare of pop classics to prove that music may be the food of love after all
Bishi - Anglo-Indian singer, pianist and sitarist will assail the dance floor with her merciless mix of rock, hip hop, electro, dubstep & drum n’ bass.

The Garden of Eden
Enjoy a fleeting sojourn in Paradise on Soho’s largest roof terrace, where Adam and Eve will soon taste the fruit of The Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil, banishing humanity to eternal hardship and suffering.

Among the temptations on offer will be:
Marnie Scarlet - deviant diva, fire fetishist and couturier, writhing about in her latest latex creation.
Smashlyn Monroe - the Mephistopheles of masochism will unleash all torments of Eternal Damnation upon herself.
Isobel Midnight - a burning belle, Ms Midnight will dance, whirl and cavort, conjuring up the very Fires of Hell.
Sacha Dieu - guru of global beats and gypsy bulesque.
El Conchitas - this mother of the dancefloor will dish tines of trash, sleaze and grinding glamour.

King Marke's Castle
Take up pen and paper with London Drawing and capture a tableau of the doomed lovers Tristan and Isolde as they are driven by an unceasing unquenchable yearning, which can find its fulfilment only in the long night of death.

The Underworld
Descend into the realm of Hades with Orpheus in search of his lost love Eurydice, only to find she has fallen under the fateful enchantment of our Lord and Lady of the Underworld - Captain Crop and Mistress Beatrix.

Butterfly's Pagoda
In imperial Nagasaki the faithful and trusting geisha Madame Butterfly awaits the return of Captain Pinkerton, little suspecting it will result in her deception, dishonour and death.

Engage in the traditional art of Butterfly Setting and Fingerstick Making.

Also featuring: snakes, spiders, scorpions and other exiles from Eden - Tim Maynard will present his resident creepy-crawly Menagerie.