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Club Mofo: Sixteen Candles #1 feat. Light Asylum + Sink Ya Teeth + Secret Power at Corsica Studios

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Time 19:30
Date 22/08/19
Price £8.8

Crazed polysexual party night Club Mofo bring you a night full of flavour and Kaos with live music from Light Asylum, Sink Ya Teeth and Secret Power.

To celebrate their birthday Club Mofo bring you Sixteen Candles - a series of shows celebrating their 16th Anniversary, and I think it's safe to say, the Mofo's have really pulled the cat outta the bag with this one.

Live on stage:

Light Asylum
At once brutal and romantic, Light Asylum  exists in the space where industrial gives way to goth, where synth-pop meets the outer regions of dark wave under the cover of night. Calling founder, producer, vocalist, multi-instrumentalist, badass, Shannon Funchess a commanding vocalist is an understatement; there is a heaviness and urgency in her cathartic vocal delivery that is downright spellbinding.

Sink Ya Teeth
Sink Ya Teeth are an English Post-Punk Dance Infused duo formed in 2015. The band features ex-Girl In a Thunderbolt Maria Uzor and ex-KaitO Gemma Cullingford who both write, record and produce all of their music themselves from their Norwich homes. Uzor and Cullingford fuse 80’s and 90’s inspired rare groove and Electronic Dance Music with post-punk bass lines and ferocious vocals, with subject matters focusing on the human experience that everyone can relate to.

Secret Power
Secret Power are a wonderful London three piece born of South London's fruitful 'First Timers' event. They combine a love of post-punk with R&B, lots of reverb, alt soul and maximum sass.

Plus, you can expect in between and after DJ selections by Too Many Man (Fay Milton of Savages) and Daughters of Kaos (Club Mofo Promoters/Hosts/Forever Friends).