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The Candlelight Club at A Secret Location...

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Time 18:00
Date 06/05/22
Price £25

Whisk yourselves away to those Prohibition days with a heady mix of live jazz music, vintage vinylism, delicious cocktails and a party crowd all dressed up in their finest 1920's outfits.

Tonight, the live music will come from the Jake Leg Jug Band, appearing at the Candlelight Club for the first time. The band brings you the authentic jazz and ragtime sounds of 1920s and 30s America, songs of liquor, gambling, betrayal and murder—everything you need for a cracking Saturday night out.

Leading the revels as ever will be the evening's host with the most - Champagne Charlie. And when the band aren’t playing, the Bee’s Knees will be spinning vintage vinyl for your dancing pleasure.

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