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Bugged Out feat Chemical Brothers at Printworks

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Time 12:00
Date 12/12/21
Price £30
  • Produced by Bugged Out
  • Price £30 (£3 booking fee), £37.50 (£3.75 booking fee)
  • Get ready for one of the most influential acts in electronic music, The Chemical Brothers!
  • Bring along your ear plugs! And a god damn cowbell!
  • Surf to Buy tickets (via Printworks)
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Legendary party Bugged Out are thrilled to welcome back The Chemical Brothers for a DJ set this December, four years after the duo’s last appearance at Printworks London.

12:00 - 23:00


One of the UK’s longest-running club nights, Bugged Out and the Chemicals go back a long way with Tom & Ed DJing at many of their earliest club nights, so the duo’s DJ set feels like a homecoming.

One of the most influential acts in electronic music, The Chemical Brothers’ DJ sets are without peer, full-on acid house with fresh tracks and forgotten vintage classics mixed up in a style that is unique to them. In 2017, they had a few new tracks to test out on the Printworks’ audience which formed the cornerstones of one of their career-best albums – 2019’s ‘No Geography’. Nascent versions of ‘Got To Keep On’, ‘MAH’ and ‘Free Yourself’ were tested out on an unsuspecting audience during the 3-hour ride. What will they have in store this December?

They are joined by their Manchester mentor Justin Robertson, tour DJ James Holroyd, and longstanding friend Erol Alkan along with Jossy Mitsu and Fall Forward. Let’s make it a Chemical Christmas.

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