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Bad Bruises London #1: Sodom & Gomorrah at Electrowerkz

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Time 22:00
Date 18/04/19
Price £27.5

Prepare to take a journey down the rabbit hole as the Bad Bruises guide you through the layers of hell into a lover’s labyrinth of art, music & theatre as you give into pleasure & absolute decadence.

Prepare to take a journey down the rabbit hole as the Bad Bruises guide you through the layers of hell into a lover’s labyrinth of art, music & theatre as you give into pleasure and absolute decadence.

Opening the Thursday going into a 4 day weekend, as the clock ticks over into this Good Friday, all those who enter into this unreal realm will be sure to be very, very Bad.

Feast on the forbidden fruit as you explore the installations and witness some of the most bizarre and beautiful shows to ever hit London town.

You are invited to a night of delicious treats and surprises in a sumptuously surreal and immersive world – Dance freely in a frenzy of the damned to some of the biggest names of Berlin’s DJ scene and a hand-picked selection of incredible artists tearing up the UK festival and club scene.

Leave your inhibitions at the door. Dress up, join in and get ready to blur the lines between the stage and guests. This is a journey we all make together and what you put in, you will get out in abundance.

DJ Line-Up
Alex.Do and Norman Nodge
Slamboree, Malux, Kasey Riot, TeTe Bang, DJ Binge, Savage Henry and Goldenax + more to be announced.

Performance Line-Up
Red Rash Inn, Miss Bliss, Syban Velardi-laufer, Coco Deville, Chi Chi Revolver, Bendy Bendini.

Berlin Invasion
Evilyn Frantic, ReveRso and Chika Takahashi, plus so many more weird and wonderful performers to be announced soon...

There will be a cornucopia of Angels and Devils frolicking in this mad house of Vice and Sin. Join them on their maiden voyage. Prepare yourself, it's going to be one Hell of a ride...

A Jodorowsky Movie Marathon hosted by The Berlin Film Society
The Berlin Film Society is an organisation dedicated to showcasing and providing a platform for thought-provoking, innovative, and compelling films from around the world, many of which might otherwise not be seen.

They organise experiential film events in unique spaces in Berlin, London, New York and LA, as well as curate special film events for independent cinemas. Their film programme is eclectic, progressive and unusual; they cherry pick films from festivals around the world, as well as bring back forgotten masterpieces and cult classics that deserve to be seen on the big screen again.

+ Life Drawing! Details coming soon.

Room Themes
The Forgotten Circus of Lost Souls
The Garden of Eden
The ballroom of the Dammed
The Underworld + many more to discover as you enter and explore

The Bad Bruises Commandments from the Bad Bruises Family:
As much as we're hellish creatures, we only support consensual demonic behavior. Bad Bruises is known for and dedicated to being a loving and caring safe space. Anyone found disobeying our rules will be removed and dealt with accordingly.

Costumes are an absolute must to transport us to this other realm. No costumes will mean NO ENTRY. You must adhere to the door policy and the rules.

Tickets do not guarantee entry please use the Pinterest for inspiration and to get your creative juices flowing:

Religious Icons, Heavenly creatures, demons of the underworld, masquerade, damned souls, military, vintage circus, latex, rubber, Little to nothing... we invite you to get creative and explore the themes of Lust, Gluttony, Envy, Wrath, Greed and whatever your beautiful brain may dream up....