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We Rise: A Short Film by Rosie Baldwin

If you've been to the Picturehouse recently you will have been lucky enough to see this short, beautiful documentary (and if you saw the film I saw yesterday then you may wish you'd left the cinema straight after it finished and saved yourself two miserable hours).

The subject of We Rise is a rock band from Eastbourne, East Sussex, called Delta Seven. The band are made up of seven indiciduals with learning disabilities who have come together to express themselves, challenge stereotypes and find confidence through music.

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Dan Deacon - Change Your Life (You Can Do It) (Official Video)

Download it here:

Directed by Ben O'Brien

Camera Operators:
Ben O'Brien
Jean-Paul Bonneau
Ed Bornstein
Antonio Cisneros
Noah Collier
Golnar Fakhrai
Yoni Goldstein
Carole McClintock
Sarah Milinski
Marc Riordan

Edited by Ben O'Brien
Assistant Editor: Matthew Sullivan

Special thanks to Joey Malinski, Jessie Hughes, Carole McClintock, Sam Weiner, & Emanuel Bronner

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Walk With Me - International Trailer

Directed by Max Pugh & Marc J. Francis and narrated by Benedict Cumberbatch, Walk With Me is a cinematic journey into the world of mindfulness - the practice of bringing one's attention to the present moment - and world-famous Thich Nhat Hanh, known as “The Father of Mindfulness”, “The Other Dalai Lama” and “The Zen Master who fills stadiums”.

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‘Requiem’ from Goat - album available October 7th, 2016

GOAT, the Swedish psychedelicists are at it again.

If their latest creation is anything like previous works you should expect a wild fusion of Nigerian afrobeat, German krautrock, Anatolian funk, and a host of other global micro-niches sweated into a hallucinatory cultish celebration of rock’s diverse manifestations.

Official website:
London date: 18 Oct at the Coronet

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PJ Harvey - The Community Of Hope

The Community of Hope, taken from PJ Harvery's latest offering The Hope Six Demolition Project, is named after the controversial plan by the U.S. Department Of Housing And Urban Development to revitalise public housing projects and the problems that come with poverty and gentrification. The Community of Hope, paints a dire picture of the urban environment immediately surrounding the department’s headquarters in Washington, DC.

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