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Sam Lee - The Moon Shines Bright feat. Elizabeth Fraser (Live at RAK Studios) with Bernard Butler

The Moon Shines Bright featuring Elizabeth Fraser by Sam Lee and produced by Bernard Butler. From the upcoming album 'Old Wow' released Jan 31st 2020.

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This adaptation of the ancient traditional folk song The Moon Shines Bright came as a ‘gift’ from Sam's good friend, the 93-year-old English Gypsy, Freda Black, who offered him a song to take on pilgrimage. It is also influenced by a Zuni prayer for greeting the sunrise and encouraging us to experience wonder in the here and now.


This meaningful and pertinent track weaves together ‘messages of devotion from different lands to communicate the impermanence of life and the importance of recognising the sacred’. Elizabeth Fraser’s (Cocteau Twins) vocals inject a haunting reminder into The Moon Shines Bright of the beauty and fragility of life, using a fragment of lyrics from a traditional Scottish folk song ‘Wild Mountain Thyme’.


Sam says: ‘To me, the song is about the importance of being connected. In a time when religion and faith are in question in our western lives, its simplicity of form brings us back to the bare bones of essential life experience and is a call for us to pay attention to the bigger things in this world; “for our time is not long, time’s an old folksong”'.

The Moon Shines Bright track is ‘a gentle yet potent wake up call to recognise the beauty of life in its purest form’.

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