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Sassfactor Podcast- 90s Culture and Teen movies+ Beyond Clueless Kickstarter project

Welcome to the world of dreamy songstress Emmy the great and Elizabeth Sanky of Summer Camp fame- the two used to run a 'radio show' from their bedroom in the 90s, back in the days before the interweb. But now we get to hear their ramblings and Oscar-worthy re-enactments from their favourite teen movies, such as Clueless. They're joined by guest Charlie Lyne, who has since gone on to successfully Kickstart (along with Elizabeth and some others) a Beyond Clueless project looking at the teen movies made between Clueless in 1995 and Mean Girls in 2004.


If all this is making you wee yourself with excitement, then you probably want to book your tickets for this- an all night pyjama party screening of 5 epic teen movies, including of course Clueless, Cruel Intentions, She's all that and Easy A.