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Alpha-Podcast Presents Roly Porter

We’re guessing that most of the people who follow Alpha-ville’s podcast series will know Roly Porter predominantly through his previous dubstep project Vex’d. As Vex’d, Porter and his creative partner, Jamie Teasdale forged brutalist, edificial bass music that, for a period, seemed to contain the essence of what dubstep would become. If it ultimately didn’t, the impression left by its sheer weight and rude power was still felt within the genre long after the project dissolved from the landscape.

While Teasdale continued to make music as Kuedo post-Vex’d, Porter distanced himself from music altogether. However, at the end of 2011 Porter returned from his self-imposed extradition with outstanding album Aftertime. We’re not exaggerating when we say that when Pinch deployed ‘Hessra’ on his recent Fabric Live cd, we sat bolt upright. These new tracks, beatless, sometimes beautiful but often uncomfortable and harsh clearly represented a new direction for Porter, yet one not entirely broken from his past.

To read his interview with Alpha-ville, click here alpha-ville.co.uk

Sketch for Industrial Machinery – Paul Jebanasam
Function Remix – Roly Porter
Burn Hole – Eric Holm
Pretending to Breath – Eric Holm
Interstice – Emptyset
Giedi Prime – Roly Porter
Music for the Church of St John Baptist pt. II – Paul Jebanasam
Return – Emptyset
Al Dhanab – Roly Porter
Hessra – Roly Porter
Haxan – Paul Jebanasam and Roly Porter
Corrin – Roly Porter