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15 Minutes with... Stacy Makishi and Joshua Sofaer

“15 Minutes With…” is a series of short dialogues with some of the exceptional artists and thinkers that LADA has had the pleasure of working with over the last 15 years.  Using the lens of the Agency and the occasion of our 15th Anniversary, the dialogues will reflect on how critical some of these shifts have been, not only to Live Art, but to the wider culture of the UK. Here, artists Stacy Makishi and Joshua Sofaer discuss Professional Development and Live Art. Expect DIY, East End Collaborations and One to One Artists Bursaries. 

Stacy Makishi is a transplant from Hawaii. Her present body of work is interdisciplinary in scope and includes live art, film, installation and visual art. Joshua Sofaer is an artist who is centrally concerned with modes of collaboration and participation.