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YMBBT Lottery and Jan Tickets FAQs

- When is the YMBBT Ticket Lottery happening?
You will be able to enter the Lottery from Monday 12 December 2011 to 17:00 Saturday 17 December 2011. The dedicated YMBBT Lottery URL is https://tickets.run-riot.com . There is no rush - you will have 5 days to enter. All entrants will be notified via email by 6pm, Saturday 31st December. Please add shop@run-riot.com to your address book to ensure you don't miss any correspondence.

- When are the show-dates for January?
You Me Bum Bum Train is now running on the 5th, 7th, 8th, 9th, 10th, 12th, 13th, 14th and the 15th January 2012

- Why are you using a Lottery and not just releasing as normal?
The December dates were massively oversubscribed with 80,000 hits to the website for 1000 tickets. YMBBT and Run Riot think a Lottery system is a far fairer method, with the tickets being sold on a totally random basis. We also wanted to remove the first come first served factor to avoid the system jamming up, and provide a more relaxed ticket buying experience for the patron.

- What is the Lottery process? Who makes the decision?
Essentially you register your interest in becoming a You Me Bum Bum Train Passenger over a set period of time. Then, at the end, we randomly select the people who have won the option to buy tickets – who we hope will go on to become Passengers.
To enter the Lottery for 1 or 2 You Me Bum Bum Train tickets you need to complete these steps:
- Visit the site - this will be announced on Monday 12 December (via Run Riot and YMBBT websites as well as the Twitter and Facebook accounts)
- Enter your email
- Select the date you'd like to ride You Me Bum Bum Train
- Press submit.
- Your entry is limited to a maximum of two tickets
Your email address will be sent to a database where it is filed in accordance with the date you have selected.
When the Lottery closes a computer will select the successful entrants at random automatically allocating you a time on your chosen date.
You will be sent an email with a unique link directing you to the PayPal page where you purchase your tickets. On completion of payment you will be sent an email with your unique Ticket Number confirming you as a Passenger. You must print out the ticket number in order to gain entry.

- What technical back-up do you have in place to ensure the site stays up?
We've set up a dedicated domain name, which is encrypted with SSL providing a secure service. The URL will be hosted on the Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud (Amazon EC2) which can be scaled up in response to the volume of traffic - allowing the page to cope.


I’ve been a Passenger already, can I enter the Lottery?
To all you YMBBT Passengers of December 2011 – we can not prevent you from entering the lottery, but if you do, we must ask you to abide by the YMBBT good-will code and give your tickets to virgin Passengers. And remember rule #1 about your journey: ‘Mum’s The Word!’ Hush! Hush!

- I've entered the Lottery, it's past Saturday 31 December and I still haven't heard anything - what's happening?
Please first check your spam box on your email client. If you don't have any emails please contact as at shop@run-riot.com

- What happens if I get a ticket in the Lottery but want to change the date?
When entering the Lottery, you must select the date you are able to attend. You CAN NOT change the date once you have entered NOR CAN YOU SWAP your tickets around.

- I was lucky in the Lottery, but I failed to use the secure link properly to buy my tickets. How can I pay for my tickets and tell you the name of the Passengers?
Please email shop@run-riot.com with your details and Passenger names, and we'll arrange for you to make your payment as soon as we can.

- I got a Lottery place but then the transaction failed - what happens now?
Please email shop@run-riot.com if your transaction failed and we will do our best to resolve the problem as soon as possible.

- Why didn't I get a place?
There are only 600 tickets available to ride You Me Bum Bum Train in January - in December we had 80,000 hits to the website for 1000 tickets. Due to the unique format of the show only one person at a time gets to experience You Me Bum Bum Train. Also because You Me Bum Bum Train is hosted in unusual venues, licensing laws restrict the amount of show dates possible. Everyone working on the project is a volunteer, and as there is a large volume of people involved in the production, at this stage it isn't possible to do a lengthier show run.
All this means that we are limited in the number of people who can be Passengers – sad but true! You Me Bum Bum Train would love for the show to be experienced by more people and aim to do this with future shows.

- I have tickets, and I know what time my journey starts. What time should I arrive?
Please arrive 15 minutes before your start time.

- Do I need to bring anything?
Yes. You must bring your e-ticket with the RR code, along with photo ID. This way we can make sure no one blags your place.

- Where is You Me Bum Bum Train?
The address is 21-31 New Oxford Street, WC1. The entrance to the building is on the corner of New Oxford Street and Museum Street - there'll be big signs up, you can't miss it. Nearest tubes are Holborn and Tottenham Court Road - and there are loads of buses in the area. Click here for more details about the venue and local buses.

- Is it physical? What should I wear?
This is a very physically challenging interactive experience. All participants are advised to wear trousers and flat shoes; flip flops /sandals / stilettos are unsuitable.

- Is there strobe lighting?
Yes. Some scenes contain some strobe lighting.

- What can I expect on the 'journey'?
Essentially it is a surprise, and we really want you to have an amazing experience. But we must warn you that some scenes could be unsuitable for sufferers of claustrophobia.

- Is there a cloakroom?
Yes. Participants will not be able to carry bags or large coats during the experience.

- Is there wheelchair access?
We regret that wheelchair access cannot be made available this year due to the limitations of the venue.

- If I arrive really early can I wait inside?
There is a dedicated waiting area. If you're incredibly early our volunteers will advice you where to go.

- After my 'journey' where can I wait for my friends behind me?
There is a post-show bar open until midnight where you can wait for your fellow Passengers.

We’re truly sorry for any disappointed would-be Passengers!
Why not experience You Me Bum Bum Train from the alternative perspective by becoming Cast or Crew?
Email youmebumbumtraincast@gmail.com