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Survey: Hackney’s Evening and Night-time Economy

This is a really important survey by Hackney Council on the future of Hackney's nightlife. It'll take 5 minutes and it'd be great if you could share your views with the council.

Survey Description (from Hackney Council):
We want to hear your views on Hackney in the evening (6pm to midnight) and night-time (midnight to 6am). This would include socialising in pubs, bars and clubs, restaurants, music venues, theatres, cinemas etc.

The growth of Hackney’s evening and night-time leisure economy has contributed to wider economic growth and to making Hackney a vibrant and fashionable place for people to live, work, visit and locate their businesses. It brings many benefits to the Borough, including employment and regeneration, but also brings negative impacts such as alcohol abuse and increased anti-social behaviour.

Take the survey here