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UNCENSORED, the interdisciplinary festival on art at the intersection of pornography and activism needs your support. Help them raise the money to cover the multiple costs from legal fees to artist fees, tech equipment, to offering subsidised rates and more.

Read the Run-Riot Interview with Lidia Ravviso, Artistic Director, UNCENSORED Festival.

Here's what they have to say:

We are a small, team of three who need your support! From the irony of facing censorship of our festival and having to seek legal guidance, to spending the past 12 months programming over 35 phenomenal artists and sex practitioners, UNCENSORED have been busy!

UNCENSORED wants to be a resource and a platform for the fighters for freedom of expression… like you. However, to ensure our festival reaches, and is available to, everyone who wants to come, we need to raise additional funds.

Donations will support:

COMING TOGETHER: a scheme providing subsidised tickets to those who otherwise would not be able to attend the festival.

LEGAL EXPENSES: to support unplanned costs we have incurred for legal guidance around censorship.

RUNNING COSTS: to contribute towards the running costs of the festival.

How can I support?

£10 will contribute towards the hire of headsets for our audio-described films

£20 will subsidise an audience member attending a workshop

£50 will subsidise a festival pass for a COMING TOGETHER attendee

£150 will contribute towards the running costs of a workshop

£300 will contribute towards our legal consultation

£1000 will enable every talk at UNCENSORED to be BLS interpreted (British Sign Language)

If you are not able to donate then please spread the word, invite your friends and come, come, come to UNCENSORED!


uncensoredfest.com | @uncensoredfestival

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