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Submissions - The Feminist Toilet, Literary Pixie

Book lover, poet, blogger and literary enthusiast, Samantha Emily Evans is a zine publisher based in London. Samantha intends to celebrate her 25th year by creating a zine called "The Feminist Toilet", and she wants your creative energy!

Here's a little bit from Samantha about "The Feminist Toilet"

I bloody love toilets. For me, the toilet is my safe place. Whenever I’m anxious or bored or sad, I can (& do) say –“I need to go to the toilet” – and know that I will have at least ten minutes to contemplate my entire existence. It’s my therapist office on the go. It’s my home away from home. I could never have survived these 25 years without feminism, and the toilet.

Thus, I am creating a zine to celebrate the toilet as well as my 25th birthday called “The Feminist Toilet”.

Yes, toilets are feminist! They are the great equalizer. Everybody shits. And as we move towards gender-neutral toilets (finally) – everyone will have to wait in the same line! Golly, I love gender-neutral toilets. I love watching a male fix his hair and have a stare in the bathroom, confirming the truth – everyone cares about appearances!

In 2013, I published a small chapbook called “On the Toilet, My Thoughts”. It was compiled from journal entries I had written on my phone while on the loo from July 2011 to July 2012. I will be including this in the zine, and would like to include your toilet thoughts, too.

I’m looking for:
– images of the most beautiful toilets you’ve ever seen
– drawings of toilets
– toilet art, aka pictures of art you’ve found in toilets
– toilet literary and political puns
– poems about experiences on toilets
– short stories about experiences on toilets
– pieces with the first line being “On the toilet &…”

Please email your submissions to seeliterarypixie@gmail.com  by December 16th, 2018 with your name and any information you’d like included.

Find out more at literarypixie.com/feministtoilet

The launch party for the zine will be January 12, 2019 at 8pm at The Queen Adelaide in East London.

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