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Save HSCB - Walthamstow's Rebel Bank

A former high street bank in Walthamstow, North East London has become a hub of cultural action leading social and economic change. Since March 2018, Hoe Street Central Bank (HSCB) has been HQ of a ‘Bank Job’ - printing money, exploding £1.2m of high interest local debt and jump starting the conversation around an economy that works for us all.

However, the building is now at risk as the owners are selling it. Dan Edelstyn, Hilary Powell and all the Bank Job team have been asked to vacate the bank by Christmas Day 2019.

Help them extend their lease until the end of April so they can raise the money to buy the bank back. Sign the petition at

Dan Edelstyn, Hilary Powell and the team are also getting together for a final, urgent job to secure and grow the bank. The job? Gold Rush - their answer to the question of where they will find enough money to buy the building.

The team will be turning to the earliest photographic techniques to make portraits of the Walthamstow community in gold, silver and tin – these portraits are in exchange for the money of those who choose to invest in the bank’s future and what it stands for by being represented in silver, gold and light.

25% of the money raised will go to the local causes who have been with us from the beginning and featured on our banknotes: Eat or Heat foodbank, Pl84u-Al Suffa homeless kitchen, Barn Croft Primary School, the Soul Project - now Project Zero. On top of that, they are now adding NHS and fire service.

Other way to join the Gold Rush:
Buy Bank Job items from The Shop to help the campaign
Or simply sign the petition to forward the negotiations with the owners and try to stay in the bank until April 15th, when asset of community value moratorium period ends.

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