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RR Writer Seeks Room

Patrick Hussey has been telling everyone for years he is going to write a book. He at last has a story and an editor and is looking for a place to hang his laptop. He would like a window, and a plug and a place to keep his soya milk. People will tell you he is a nice young man and worth having about.

He is considering two options and would love some help.

A) The free option or subsidised option so he can keep pesky jobs at bay. If any random aunty has a flat that needs sitting let me know or if anyone knows of rooms for writers at cheap rates? A place in London would be amazing but somewhere abroad for a few months would be lovely too.

B) Need a new flat mate? A boho flatshare with no more than three housemates, who will be in their late 20s early 30s (or whatever really) and live in a nice spacious East Londony type place pref near London Fields. He feels swimming will be good at that Lido and likes to take his scarf for a walk round Broadway Market. He is very allergic to cats though.

please contact him at patsyhus@gmail.com or call 07507355018