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Roof Unit - Desk and Studio Space for Creatives

So you’ve learnt some theory, shot some decent images, moved to the city for work and now you’re going slightly wonky working from home… What do you need to do? Share a studio of course. Where else do you get such indispensable knowledge like how fellow freelancers find clients/create a sensible workflow/overcome cash crises/create a network/create working methods/source gear/problem solve (if your studiomates don’t know the answers, they have a mate who will). This is the raw material for making your way through the quagmire of the photographic industry – so absorb it all – then throw most of it out – and without realising it you’ll have developed your own personalised survival system. And you’ll have realised that you are NOT ALONE.Jon Wyatt, photographer and previous Roof Unit resident.


On 1 May 2011, Roof Unit will move from E14 and expand into a renovated, purpose-designed loft space in Bethnal Green.  Complemented by an engaging programme of talks and events, Roof Unit will offer an inspiring and stimulating environment from which 20 creatives can pursue their practice.  With a focus towards lens-based activity, we are keen to embrace a range of disciplines to ensure a healthy blend of creatives and catalyse 'networking'.


Combining affordable desk space and excellent studio facilities with a full time studio manager, Roof Unit will provide a new home for the creative sector that both supports individual practice whilst acting as a platform to network and encourage exploration. 


We're taking enquires for desk space now and with 8 already gone, you better get your skates on.  Sadly no images available yet as the builders are still in the space but we'd be more than happy to show you round in its current dusty state.


For more info, check out our website or email us or give us a tinkle on 0208 133 8033

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