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New Radio Show - 'The Nest Collective Hour' hosted by Sam Lee on Resonance104.4fm

The Nest Collective Hour on Resonance104.4fm
The Contemporary Folk Show – Tuesdays  1pm
New Folk – Old Folk – No Folk

The Nest Collective (offspring of The Magpie’s Nest – BBC Folk Club of 2010) has become London’s place to go for discovering the amazing resurgence in music being made under the banner of ‘New Folk, Old Folk & No Folk’. Following on from the founding of the Magpie’s Nest in 2006, The Nest Collective now hosts regular events, concerts and festival stages creating platforms for traditionally-inspired British and World artists from both emerging and established backgrounds. The Collective has become a hub of grass roots musicians, promoters and enthusiasts and a is source of knowledge covering the breadth of both established and undiscovered music being made across the whole country and beyond.

The Nest Collective Hour on Resonance FM, presented by Sam Lee, director of the Nest Collective, musician, folklorist and all round impresario, will delve into the spectrum of music existing ‘right now’ in this country and beyond to tackle the widest realm of folk and traditional music. The show will platform the finest music that breaks the mould and challenges the established direction this folk resurgence is taking, through live interviews and performances, field recordings, location interviews and magazine features. This will be the first live radio show that reviews the cutting edge of the scene, capturing the pulse of London and the UK and gathering the wonderful music that passes through it. It will highlight the amazing amount of activity that exists from the centre to the periphery of this movement.

Amongst the weekly roster of highlights each show will also feature a weekly slot ‘The Quiet Riot’ in association with Run Riot and the London Folk Guild spotlighting related music, arts events and happenings in the coming weeks across London. Live music will be a key feature alongside interviews with fellow music makers, producers, ethnomusicologists, folklorists and characters on the scene. Together the show will give a regular insight into the vast wealth and ferment of this burgeoning scene and those working at the coalface of the music.