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Mens Exploratory Workshop: Anton Mirto’s The Army - We Want You!

Exploratory Workshop
Sunday May 13th 2018: 6.30-8.45pm, Central London
Booking / Info: email Anton A2company@hotmail.com

Artist Anton Mirto is looking for men with a background/interest in experimental movement to begin exploratory research sessions for a 3rd new version of an ongoing empowering work/practice called: The Army

“to stand on my feet, to challenge my behaviour, to breathe, to hurt, to fight, to be for or against an idea, to be stronger than I think I am.”

Conceived as a desire to stand up, stay awake and survive, The Army is a call to be brave in an age that promotes fear, informed by those taking part and the context it is presented in each time. It sees people march against apathy, for healing, purpose and power through choreographic ‘marching drills’ and breath.

The Army’s 1st version (2016-17) saw a year of 8min guerrilla performances where women marched, impromptu in 24 secret outdoor locations. Commissioned by Yard theatre with support from Arts Council England, The Army’s 2nd ‘staged’ version can be seen here: https://vimeo.com/261391243

Through movement improvisations, impulse discussion and play this is an opportunity for Men to explore/challenge/embody some fears, to practice individual and collective fearlessness, resilience, presence and strength.

Intrinsically process led, Mirto’s practice provides space and value to acts that release and restore. As Artistic Director of A2company she has presented performance works at: The Place, Royal Opera House, Tate Modern, ICA, as well as in France, Spain, Italy, Slovenia, Germany, Israel & Austria. As an independent artist, she has shown in Cape Town, for Infecting the City Festival. In London at: Trip Space / Limen, part of Hayward Gallery’s 'Mirror City' & Lillian Bayliss. See past works here: https://vimeo.com/a2company/

Booking / Info: email Anton A2company@hotmail.com

From the archive: read the Run Riot interview with Anton Mirto (Jan 2018).

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