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Job Opportunity: Club Promoter and Booker, vFd Club

Start Date: Dec 2018 to begin booking for Jan/Feb 2019.

Hours: 1 office day at vFd per week (Mondays preferable), every Saturday night, plus additional flexible hours throughout the week (as required).

Pay: £10ph, plus generous % of door takings from Femmetopia each week (to be arranged with candidate)

Location: You must be able to easily commute to VFD in Dalston, including after midnight on weekends.

Here's what vFd have to say:

VFD has been a mainstay of the queer culture of the East End for over 10 years acting as a seeding ground for many queer club nights, artists and collectives whose work has become important both nationally and internationally.

We are now looking to make more of our own unique cultural content with our inhouse weekly Femmetopia parties, our annual Festival and our supported residency programmes.

As the only independently owned and managed venue by a POC in London it is important that we celebrate and platform the most exciting upcoming talent from marginalised communities. We are seeking to be a radical but safer space for all queers, but especially people of colour, trans folk, femmes and womxn. 

Our focus at VFD is to promote and support the communities that use the space in a sustainable manner and is not necessarily about individual advancements but rather making social change through working together instead of using resources in the promotion of the capitalist self.

Job Description

Key Responsibilities

● To arrange and manage the bookings for Friday and Saturday nights (10pm-3am) each week at VFD.
● For Saturday nights: to book suitable resident and guest DJs for our inhouse Femmetopia night each week. To platform the most exciting femme/womxn*/non-binary/trans DJs and assisting in promoting this night to a femme-focused queer crowd. You will be required to set suitable ticket prices, and be responsible for making these nights profitable for VFD.
● For Friday nights: to book and manage a regular programme of nights run by external promoters, ensuring they are suitable and profitable for VFD. 
● Collaborate with VFD’s arts programmer to ensure that VFD has a coherent and exciting programme that serves our queer community. 
● To work closely with VFD’s marketing person to ensure all marketing material for club nights are posted and distributed through online and print to suitable audiences and assist with the venues audience development plan. 
● To liase with the venue manager and technical manager to ensure there is clear communication between the venue, DJs and performers and that all nights go smoothly. 
● Monitor ticket sales and attendance rates of nights, to ensure they are well attended and our audience continues to grow. 

Essential Requirements
● Highly motivated and enthusiastic about queer club culture, and a passion for supporting and strengthening marginalised queer communities.  
● Experience of booking, promoting and running club nights in London. 
● Excellent knowledge of the contemporary London music scene, and connections with DJs in the city. 
● Desire to work with a small dedicated queer team, in order to expand the reputation of an independent club space.  
● Confidence that you can fill a 180 capacity venue each week. 
● Be able to use Google Docs to liase with VFD team and everyone updated.

Desired Requirements
● Knowledge of the international music scene, with connections to DJs in London and globally. 
● Ability to design posters, banners, images, gifs etc. to promote Femmetopia. 
● Confidence in maintaining social media presences for VFD, and creating content such as Insta stories during weekend club nights.

We particularly encourage those who identify as a POC, trans*, non-binary and/or womxn to apply.

Please email an expression of interest and your CV to if you would like to be interviewed for this position. The interview will happen at VFD on Monday or Tuesday between 10am-6pm, please let us know when and what times suit. 

Magic Making, 

VFD xx

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