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Job: Marketing Manager (Part-Time), The Bunker

Position: Marketing Manager
Hours: 24 hours per week
Salary: £12,000 per annum
Contract: 1 Year
Application Deadline: Monday 7 January 2019 at 10am

The Off-West End theatre in London Bridge is looking for a talented and driven communicator to join their vibrant and exciting workplace.

Here's what they have to say:

The Bunker is expanding its marketing offer to producers and companies, and committed to reaching wider and more representative audiences. We are looking for a talented communicator who is driven to reach out to lots of new and existing audiences about our work and our artists. 

Main Roles and Responsibilities

Campaign Management
●    Liaising with main show companies and producers to develop and support production campaigns from image and copy through to print, distribution and organic and paid social media campaigns.
●    Advising Sunday/Monday companies on marketing approaches
●    Leading on promoting our Underground and comedy nights.
●    Evaluating the success of campaigns and marketing activity on a regular and an ongoing basis
●    Keeping up-to-date with the latest trends and best practices in online marketing and measurement

Online & Digital
●    Designing and sending fortnightly newsletters including PS swaps with other theatres and arts organisations
●    Developing Scheduling social media content for our show campaigns, and with The Bunker team, leading a lively and engaged social media presence.
●    Ensuring shows are listed correctly with a wide variety of listings sites including the Press Association.
●    Keeping up-to-date with legal requirements for data protection and ensuring that all our stakeholder and customer data is protected

Audience Development
●    On a campaign-by-campaign basis, reaching out to new networks, communities to engage with a broad audience.
●    Alongside the Front of House Manager, working with ticket agencies and discovery platforms to reach digital audiences.
●    Developing and overseeing procedures to retain and engage existing Bunker audiences.

Company Branding
●    Maintaining good and clean use of The Bunker’s logo and marketing templates, including checking and sign-off of all print and digital assets.
●    Overseeing the developing of The Bunker’s voice across all media.

Skills and Experience

Required Skills and Experience
●    Experience communicating across a variety of marketing channels including email, organic and paid social media promotion and print.
●    Good organizational skills.
●    Good communication and people skills.
●    The ability to deliver projects on time and on budget.
●    The ability to evaluate precisely, and use tools to track
●    Passionate interest in theatre
●    Interest in reaching new groups including existing theatregoers and non-theatregoers.

Desired Skills and Experience
●    Experience with social media advertising
●    Experience with website content management systems
●    Experience managing budgets
●    Experience with website analytics tools
●    An understanding of graphic design and video packages (ideally Adobe Photoshop and Premiere Pro)

For more information and to download the application pack, head to bunkertheatre.com

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