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Independent Publisher Influx Press Launches Kickstarter

Support bright new writing talent by pledging to Influx Press' campaign!

"By becoming an Influx Kickstarter backer you are enabling us to continue to publish books that we want to read, that don’t yet exist, and to create a space for the kinds of writing our readers are interested in that may not find a home elsewhere. You are helping us continue our work to create an inclusive community of readers and writers from across disciplines, backgrounds, experiences. We foster an accessible literary culture that takes the work seriously, but with a sense of fun and a straightforward approach that implicitly assumes literature is for everyone. And importantly, we want you to read our books!

We only ever publish things we absolutely believe in. By pledging, you get the pleasure of reading our brilliant 2017 releases and investing in future titles. Our reputation in the industry speaks for itself. Become an Influx Kickstarter backer and join us in our journey to reach out to new audiences and develop our readership, publishing more daring and exciting literature."


You can read our interview with Influx Press co-founder and editor Kit Caless here.

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