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Help Kickstart The Invisible City, a project by Shuster and Moseley


Help fund this very exciting, new type of art project compromising of three giant treehouse pavilions for open source use by an organic network of collaborators.

The Invisible City will be designed to capture the amazement and awe that Shuster and Moseley experienced while living in the trees. These pavilions are capable of hosting large audiences and almost any kind of art form! The site where they will be located is a magical setting, on the picturesque banks of the Regent's Park Boating Lake. The project will create a public platform for three summer months of creative collaboration.

By backing this project, you become a founder and citizen of The Invisible City. Each £1 donation will receive a certificate of citizenship. This is your city, make it your own. Think laterally and respond with your wildest imaginations! Circus in the trees? Immersive ballet? Seminars with inspirational speakers? Chef’s serving foraged food? Or how about interactive storytellers bringing books to life in the Hive Gallery? Are you a young musician who wants a place to perform up a tree in a giant treehouse? Do you care for children and want to give them a day out that they will never forget? Would you like to start a debate about a subject that is burning in your heart?

A bit about the three giant treehouse pavilions.

The Aerial Arena is the centre point of the site is a giant timber sculptural form raised high above the ground, wrapped in a transparent skin to reflect the surrounding nature. It can hold audiences of 100 people seated and 200 standing –a totally unique space for collaboration across art forms and we are so excited to see what kinds of happenings that it inspires!

The Hive Gallery is totally suspended from the branches of the tree. It is designed to create a new window to the world, to help spark our imaginations and re-inspire awe in nature. 

The Peace Pods are geometric hubs that hang from the trees’ branches looking over the lake, suspending participants in nature, creating intimate spaces for exploration, contemplation, meditation and conversation.  

For more information and to help fund this exciting project and, click here.