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Contestants Wanted for the Miss Girlcore Pageant!


Contestants in the Miss Girlcore pageant will be judged on three criteria:

1. Outift
2. Talent (they have 30 seconds to display)
3. Your answer to a multiple choice question which will be drawn randomly from a hat.

You need to represent 'a place or something'. i.e. Miss Hackney, Miss Old Blue Last etc. (the more random and hilarious are encouraged).

There will be a prize at the end. Miss Girlcore will have to be on duty through out 2008 (which means they will invite you to participate to a lot of their events wherever they do them - could go international, or to UK music festivals baby!)

Miss Girlcore can be a boy or girl. If she's a boy, then the contestant clearly needs to be a drag dudette.

If you would like more info and would like to contend, send a message to them on their MySpace page.

Or Email Laetitia at laetitia@mainstageartists.com