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Comedian Jack Barry Talks Sex and Equality at Soho Theatre

Jack Barry kicks off his show by talking about how his most recent gigs have been less than successful. His agent would like him to stop mentioning this on stage, he reveals, but he can't! It's therapeutic! It's this spirit of honesty and confession that runs through the heart of Tango and its thoroughly enjoyable take on sex and relationships in the modern age.

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“Politics isn’t just grey men on the telly” - Talia Randall tells us about her glitter-drenched take on shouty panel shows

Talia Randall makes and curates riotous cabaret, bold poetry and joyous theatre. Often acting the chaotic clown on stage, once you scratch the surface you’ll find work that is political, personal and provocative.

Talia answers some interview questions about her riotous cabaret night called Question Time Cabaret. “Surprising... Hilarious…Brilliant …”, the show is making its last ever appearance at the Albany as part of the Rebels season.

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