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THEATRE REVIEW: 'Counted?' written by Lucy Gilliam

Counted? is a fun antidote to election fever. Set in the stunning surroundings of the Debating Chamber at County Hall, its a stone's throw from Big Ben. Counted weaves the stories of a demographically diverse population and questions why up to 70% of the population do not vote.

The play opens in the office of a professor of Political Sciences. His mission is to uncover the reasons that the majority of the UK population do not vote and fail to be counted. Although the stories weaved are fictional, they are adapted from first hand interviews conducted by the team. Genuinely some were embarrassingly accurate! In one scene a local resident is bemoaning the local politicians putting some fancy pile of rocks in the park when the locals had asked for a community centre. Spookily familiar and reminded me of my recent rant about the Olympic Tower of Babel....

Expressed reasons for not voting included:
"They are all middle class white men. They don't represent me"
"Nobody came to the door. Seriously I'd vote for anyone if they actually came to see me"

The play doesn't give any answers or delve too deeply into any one specific reason for low turnout. It basically turns over a few rocks and uncovers a range of questions for thoughtful debate. The observations were well presented, the team versatile and engaging with a broad demographic covered. The play also highlighted how actually we all make political decisions on a daily basis. Overall the play was suitably politically neutral. Overall the show provided me with plenty of food for thought and insights on why people are so detached and disconnected from politics. But I'm hopeful recent events mean that a new generation is becoming politically aware and engaged. The tide may be turning.

Get down and see preferably before May 6th! Highly recommended.

Limber up. Stretch those vocal cords. Have a voice. Think. Vote. Act. Time to be Counted.

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