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Teaser Preview: Carousel presents The Rocky Horror Ride, written by Edward Gosling


We all know the Rocky Horror Picture show right? Yes even you with the suspenders in the back. Just reading this I see you shiver with antici-pation. It's the weirdest, genre breaking, gender bending musical ever, all the way from Transylvania, and luckily for you this Halloween you can experience it for yourself. So get your corset laced-up, throw away your sexual preconceptions and join us on the Rocky Horror Ride. It's about to depart and we're going down.

For 2 years now Carousel has been throwing out some of the best alternative club nights in London and Chivaree Circus has been lucky to work closely with them to create lineups inspired by different themes all paying homage to the twisted fairground. This next party sees a slight departure, now not only will we be recreating an aesthetic (a Vegas Casino for example – March 2014) we will be recreating a narrative through performance. Quite frankly this is one of the best lineups of performers for a party we've ever seen. You can expect:

Reuben Kaye as Frank N Furter – quite frankly the dirtiest, most outrageously talented singer compere working in London today.

Andromeda Circus as Eddie – the biggest, baddest fire performer there is, expect the unexpected!

Delia Ceruti as Janet – international aerialist and acrobat, flying in from Mexico especially for this performance. We worked with her 3 years ago and have been trying to coax her back to the UK ever since.

Miles Lacey as Brad – awkward and uncertain, confused and about to be awakened it's one half of international DJ duo Rumpsteppers fresh from shows in Berlin and in the UK supporting Pendulum.

Guillaume Blais as Rocky – having toured the world with Delia he too is flying in to London for this show.

Ginger Cupcake as Columbia – cheeky cheesecake burlesque dancer and tap addict.

Dirty Face Dolly as Magenta – one of our regular starlets who we have been lucky enough to work with many times before.

Matthew Wycliffe as Riff Raff – after an 18 month stint in The Commitments and before that Jersey Boys, Matt is an all singing, all dancing west-end superstar.

One of the big challenges in staging this show was to stay true to the original without it being a pastiche. We've chosen performers that we think embody the spirit of the original, but we are telling this story through circus, so there will be some twists and unexpected turns along the way. Final rehearsals are taking place at the moment, but I am more excited about this show than any of the previous Carousels: it should be a stonker!! Expect DnB, glitch, electro swing and more from the likes of Dirty Honkers, Mr Switch and Jimi Needles. But don't forget to reach for the lasers at the end of the night... and we mean that quite literally. Dressing up is mandatory, so is doing the Time Warp when you're told to. See you there!



Carousel presents: The Rocky Horror Ride
31st October + 1st November
Jacks, 7-9 Crucifix Lane
Performance by Chivaree Circus
Tickets and info


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