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Sink The Pink’s Glyn Fussell on catching a ‘Christmas Krampus’!

Photo: Glyn Fussell, co-founder, Sink The Pink

When you mix one of the most prolific drag collectives to come out of London, European folklore and the writings of drag impresario Ginger Johnson at Christmas time you know you are going to get a truly alternative option for your festive season!

After ten years of heels, spills, thrills and lord only knows what other debauchery Sink The Pink (STP) are heading to the stage, helmed by lady of the hour Ms Johnson who writes and directs their brand new production ‘How To Catch A Krampus’.

Based on the mythical Krampus that has stalked European imaginations since before Christianity hit the continent, in this their most ambitious project to date, our heroine Ginger Johnson pulls vibes reminiscent of Whoopi Goldberg in Ghosts. When her fortune teller hocus pocus becomes the real deal it is suddenly life or death, the Krampus or our protagonist in this strictly grown-ups only Christmas tale.

In a year that STP celebrate a decade of game changing queer nights and sell out shows, their foray into theatre is perhaps all that you’d imagine from the minds behind the truly gender bending, punk-drag collective.

And, if like me you’d rather have someone jingle your balls than bells at this time of the year then this is for you. Having grown from small beginnings in East London, to near queer culture global domination STP are here and just in time for Christmas.

So I asked co-founder Glyn Fussell who’s it for, what’s it do and is he representin’ - these are his XXXmas answers..

Jayson: I want to know who is the protagonist in ‘How To Catch A Krampus’?

Ginger Johnson, part-time spirit medium / full-time con artist, Legendary Geordie queen and the Derren Brown of Drag!

Jayson: What is the Christmas Krampus - would I want to meet with, sleep with or run from it?

The Krampus is a mythical Christmas demon common of European folklore, described as "half-goat, half-demon". In the ultimate naughty vs nice, the Krampus traditionally is a companion to Saint Nicholas and visits the villages and towns of Austria, Bavaria, Croatia, Czech Republic, Hungary and Northern Italy the night before his kindly counterpart, and punishes children who have misbehaved, he's basically a right FUCKER!

Jayson: I guess the same questions for our protagonist (can you tell I’m single)?

Oh Ginger is one hot padded piece of ass doll!!!

Jayson: How did the idea come about for a Christmas theatrical show and who is the brains behind it?

Over the past two Christmases we’ve been in Selfridges with ‘Down The Rabbit Hole’ and ‘The Queen’s Head’ and it’s always been a dream of Sink The Pink’s to hit the theatre. And with our our leading lady, Ginger Johnson writing and directing Krampus this production will be unlike anything we’ve ever done before and we just can’t wait to bring Sink The Pink to the theatre.

Photo: The cast of How To Catch A Krampus.

Jayson: Although there is great discussion about diversity in today's times I, even as a person of colour, feel age diversity is left out of the conversation at times, does STP address this?

Since we began Sink The Pink, our motto has always been “everyone is welcome and everyone is celebrated”. We’re really pleased to have a diverse cast – including Lavinia Co-op, a 67-year-old drag legend of famed radical drag troupe BLOOLIPS, Mahatma Michael, a proud half Sri Lankan and half Filipino, Mairi Houston a wonderful Glasgow born actress plus David Cumming (of famed theatre troupe Kill The Beast) & Sink The Pink regular Maxi More.

Jayson: Who do you think the How To Catch A Krampus IS for and who is it definitely NOT for?

How to Catch a Krampus is for anyone seeking a black-hearted antidote to all things cheery this festive season; it’s certainly not for the faint hearted and strictly 18+. Following reactions to early workshops of the show, producers have arranged for first aiders to be present at every performance should audience members become unwell. Hang onto your wigs!

Jayson: We are in unprecedented political times, what do you think the role of Sink the Pink is?

: We are living in a time that’s unsettling and worrying. It means that stupid people right now feel like they have power. The best way to fight against this is to be more fabulous, visible and loud and proud babes.

Jayson: With that in mind what should you and others be doing with their platform, what issues do you think you should be championing?

I think when you set out to target issues it feels inauthentic, we just champion freedom in any form! That is why STP is a hub for everyone after 10 years!

Jayson: I remember small STP beginnings, one is you and Amy Zing dancing on the bar top at Dalston Superstore, how much have you grown since then?  

Well my shoulder pads and costume jewellery have got a LOT bigger! I still feel the same nutbaggery that I have always!

Jayson: Since those smaller beginnings, how have you seen the LGBTQ+ scene change?

It's changed a LOT. I think the drag scene is obviously BOOMING and I am INTO that! It just feels there are a lot more opportunities. Listen, I view the world with pink tinted lenses so I always think everything is blooming ace!

Jayson: Where does Sink The Pink go from here?

The WORLD now, we are going to be touring so watch this space. But more productions like this. We have SO many talented people in our crew and we always want to encourage their creativity.

Jayson: Sink The Pink is now a recognisable brand, I’ve asked you this before but for our readers, where did the name come from?

Hahahahaha! It's actually an ACDC song, BUT also means taking someones virginity.

Jayson: Give us a shout out to your STP co-founder Amy Zing...

Alright Kathay! Ows You?!

Jayson: In one word, for each, describe what Christmas is for you, for Sink The pink and for the Krampus?


Glyn Fussell

Sink The Pink

Sink the Pink presents
How To Catch A Krampus
Running until 23rd Dec 2018
Pleasance London
Carpenters Mews
North Rd
London N7 9EF
Info and tickets: pleasance.co.uk